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Cassette Style Drone Raising Frame
Woodwork and Fasteners

The components for the National sized version are not all shown to exactly the same scale, but are adequately dimensioned in mm, these dimensions can be compared to the chart at the bottom of the page for production of Langstroth or Commercial versions.

The top bar is nominally 9 mm thick to make the fitting of the cover frames easier. (one required per frame)

drone frame top bar

The central side bar is a standard DN/1 component. (two required per frame)

drone frame side bar

Bottom bars are standard B1 items that might be used to make a DN/1 frame. (two required per frame)

B1 frame bottom bar

The middle strut effectively divides the frame into two equal halves and is secured at the top end by a screw through the centre of the top bar. (one required per frame)

Drone frame middle strut

The cover frame sides have comb jointed corners for strength as the material is only 9 mm thick, the slots are 9 mm deep. (eight required per frame)

cover frame side piece

Unlike the sides of the cover frame which are all the same, the top and bottom pieces are different in order to accommodate the narrow main frame bottom bars and provide sideways location in the recess caused by the narrowness of the bars. (four required per frame)

cover frame top piece

The bottom piece is not exactly symmetrical which leaves 0.5 mm spare each side of the bottom bar when the cover is fitted. (four required per frame)

cover frame bottom piece

Capping piece can be made from thin birch ply or from glass fibre printed circuit substrate... Hole positions are not dimensioned, but they must fall between the wires. The number of screws and thus holes required will depend on the stiffness of the material used. (eight required per frame)

capping piece for trapping the ends of the longitudinal wires

Locating pegs made from dowelling are fixed in the upper corners of the main frame. (four required per frame)

Dowelling locating peg

Small sheet metal hooks are available from hardware stores (mine came from Wilkinson's), these ensure that the cover frames remain in place. (eight required per frame)

small sheet metal latch small sheet metal latch, right hand version

The Drone excluder Grid (DRONEX) requires cutting in half for this twin paneled version. This can be achieved using a hacksaw that has a fine toothed blade fitted. It may help to wrap several thicknesses of masking tape around the centre of the grid. before marking and cutting as the tape will stop the blade from slipping.

Top bar length432438483
Frame lug length381717.5
Top bar inside length338386412
Sidebar length215254232
Bottom bar length356404448
Middle strut length206245223
cover frame side length215254223
Cover frame top length178202224
Cover frame bottom length178202224
Capping piece length210249219

All dimensions that are not listed in the chart are the same as the ones shown on the National drawings for each and every hive type.