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Hive Straps

For securing hives to move them

I think that hive straps that are sold by appliance dealers are good value for money. They are durable, so can be left outside, strong and they don't stretch, so won't become loose in use. There are several types, but whichever one you choose, I suggest the strap is 5 metres long. I have seen shorter ones, but I think it wise to avoid them because there are times when you need the longer length, such as strapping empty boxes up that are stored in the open.

I have acquired several designs of ratchet straps, but I prefer the toggle type. They don't have any moving parts, are cheaper and I think you can get them tighter. It can be amusing to see some beekeepers try to use them, some giving up completely. I have made a video called Using a Toggle Hive Strap, where I demonstrate in real time and slowed down to help the viewer.

Hive straps are a good addition to your beekeeping kit and I always have several in my car, as it's surprising how often I use them, even for simple things like strapping empty boxes on my barrow to prevent them falling off. With a single brood box colony without supers, I only use one, but if I have a super, then I usually use two if I have them spare.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 28/11/2022