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The Honey Regulations 2015 for the U.K.

These only apply if you are selling your honey

If you live in the U.K. and you are selling your honey you should comply with the current regulations. At the time of writing these are:-

It is easy for beekeepers to say that things are far too rigid and that you have sold your honey for "X" number of years without any problems. Don't forget that all packaged food has regulations to protect the consumer that the beekeeper will applaud, so we shouldn't have two sets of rules. In my time in beekeeping I have seen honey sold in a variety of containers, including waxed milk cartons and "Brylcreem" jars! They wouldn't be accepted today.

In my opinion the regulations are clear and easily understood, so there is no need to make extracts here. With previous regulations there have been attempts by some, local BKAs mainly, to provide a shortened version for beekeepers. This has occasionally led to false information being circulated. In addition, information of this type has a habit of still being available long after any amendments have been made. In my view the beekeeper should not rely on unofficial information, but the official version.

The regulations are enforced by regional food authorities, which may result in problems of interpretation, something that has caused previous concern. If they can't agree, then a number of well-meaning beekeepers aren't going to.

If the above regulations are amended and I haven't got the latest version here, then please Email me.

Roger Patterson.