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JZ/BZ plastic queen rearing products

JZ/BZ (aka JZ's BZ's, JZ-BZ, JZs BZs, etc!) are an American company who make various plastic parts for raising queens. The website is accessed from the button top left, but it is very basic. I think they could do themselves some good by giving some information on the use of their products. The experienced beekeeper will know what to do, but I think the less experienced may need a little help.

The plastic cell cups are the best I have used by some distance. At one stage there were two types that were similar, one with a peg on the back, one without. The peg is oval, so it can be put in a saw cut in a frame and rotated, to tighten it up. I found this didn't work too well with British manufactured frames, probably because the saw blades are different widths. I now drill holes in a piece of softwood and nail that in the frame. You need to experiment with drill size to suit yourself. I checked on 17 December 2014 and the cup without the peg now appears to be unavailable. The images below show the peg type on the right.

The cell cups are made in 6 different colours, which I find handy, so I can colour code larvae from different colonies. They can be reused a number of times, until they get lost or not returned by other beekeepers that is!

I have not used any other Jz Bz products much, so I can't comment on them.

There are some interesting videos on the JZ BZ website.

Roger Patterson.


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