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Lecture Notes for Lectures given by Dave Cushman

It is common for lecturers to issue a handout of printed notes at a lecture to remind the audience of the structure or details of content.

As I am heavily involved in web page generation I have provided the notes in web page form, rather than as printed sheets. The existence of such pages is made known to the audience during the lecture and is effectively the only note that they will need to take.

As I have now firmly convinced myself that the audience retains more information by using overhead gels rather than PowerPoint, I may add a section that gives the images of the gels used, but this is likely to be a long term, rather than short term project.

I have left the "blacked out" buttons on the left as a permanent reminder of the extent of Dave Cushman's knowledge. He obviously gave thoselectures and several others, but I have been unable to find any material.

Roger Patterson