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E.W.D. Madoc

A large scale commercial beekeeper

E.W.D. Madoc was one of three large scale beekeepers of the mid 20th century in England. The other two were A.W. Gale and R.O.B. Manley. Madoc's base was at Mattishall, near Dereham in Norfolk.

I am unable to find much information about Madoc, probably because he doesn't appear to have done much writing. Manley refers to him as "my friend" in his book "Honey Farming", so I assume they were on good terms.

There is reference to Madoc having made a contribution in a 1917 issue of the British Bee Journal. In the same publication in 1920 he was advertising honey for sale in bulk and in 1922 was advertising 4 frame "Italian nuclei" at £2 carriage paid. This suggests he was using Italian bees himself.

Although there seems to be little information on Madoc, he was clearly a force in beekeeping for some time and alongside others who are better known. For that reason I have given him a page. I would like to make it more complete, so if you have any information please Email me.

Roger Patterson.

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