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Mead fermented with fruit

Melomel is made by fermenting honey and fruit with water. It is a fairly simple drink to make that can use a surplus of fruit, such as gardeners often get and don't know what to do with.

The following is a melomel recipe from Brian P. Dennis.


A mead made with the addition of fruit juice is a melomel. Many other variations can be found in my book Good Health and Long Life published by Northern Bee Books.

An inexpensive melomel can be easily made using grape juice from the supermarket.



Dissolve the honey in the grape juice; add yeast, nutrient & Pectolase. Transfer to container, fit air lock & allow to ferment. When the fermentation has slowed down, add water to make 1 gal. Taste at intervals using a drinking straw and adjust sweetness, if required, by adding small amounts of honey (c 3½ oz) - dissolve the honey in some of the melomel. Allow to ferment after each addition.

Page created 24/08/2018