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Changes and expected changes to this website

Dave Cushman was regularly updating and adding to this website and when time permits I will be doing the same. I thought it would be a good idea to let the visitor know what I have in mind. This list is not comprehensive, just an outline. It will be updated regularly.

Already done or being done.

Future Developments.

Additional pages to cover:-

Specific Items Wanted.

Information on hives including:-


Dave Cushman objected to the use of PDF files on websites, but many find them easy and convenient. These will be introduced where relevant.

This website is accessed by beekeepers and non-beekeepers for different reasons. I will try to provide the diverse information they require, but may need some help from beekeepers to provide good sound material. If you have anything that may be interesting I would appreciate an email.

The sort of things I am always interested in are:-

Unless for a good reason I must ask that all information is supplied in electronic format. If possible I would prefer scans of old documents rather than originals. My filing system is not as efficient as it could be and my reading tends to get slower during the summer! If the item is no longer required by the owner then I am more than happy to accept originals. I just don't want to hang on to something the owner would like back in a reasonable time.

I am unable to guarantee inclusion of any material, but will include good quality material if and when possible. I retain the right to edit material and include or exclude it for whatever reason and no correspondence will be entered into. I will give credit for both text and images where I think fit. It must be accepted by contributors that material may subsequently be used elsewhere and possibly out of context. I am unable to control that and will accept no responsibility. It is a risk that contributors will have to take when submitting material. Please bear in mind the policy of the beekeeping website is that all material is copyright free.

Roger Patterson.