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Evaporation Of Oxalic Acid As A Treatment Method For Varroa Infestations In Honey Bees

Evaporation or sublimation of the crystalline solid of oxalic acid, to produce a cloud fine particles that can be used to envelope a honey bee colony so that all bees and particularly the varroa mites on them are exposed to the acid.

Various home made and commercial devices exist for treating honey bees with a fine mist of oxalic acid caused by heating of the solid crystals of oxalic acid.

The heating can be by a gas torch, electricity or in one case, I have seen a device that used a candle to power the process of sublimation.

Some of the devices incorporate a method of blowing air and forming an aerosol of oxalic acid particles.

Beekeeper Protection

It cannot be stressed too strongly that oxalic acid is an aggressive substance and needs to be treated with respect. Acid resistant gloves and goggles should be worn and an apron of the type used by mortuary attendants, along with wellington boots that have the tops covered by gaiters so that any falling liquid cannot fall into the boot. A respirator that has specialised organic acid filtering will be required in cases where the acid is sprayed or vapourised. Oxalic acid is also poisenous to humans by ingestion.

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