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Cell Starter and Finisher Colony

Peter Edwards's method of raising queen cells

Peter Edwards is a successful beekeeper and experienced queen rearer from Stratford - upon - Avon, keeping over 100 colonies of dark native type bees. He has kindly given me his method of raising a batch of queen cells as set out below.

There are elements of this method that are the same or similar to other methods and for the inexperienced queen rearer I think it would be advisable to stick to the instructions to avoid possible failure. R.P.

Peter Edwards's Method.

You now have a very strong, totally queenless hive (B) on the original stand, that is bolstered by returning flying bees from (A).

When the Q/Cs are distributed the colony can be returned to honey production by placing the Q/E above box (B).

Peter Edwards.

As of 09-04-2015 I have not used this method, although it seems very simple. I will make two comments:-