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Pollen Traps for Bee Hives

There are many more designs than those mentioned here

Pollen traps and pollen trapping are not just gizmos for the gadget freaks, they serve a very important purpose in providing spare pollen for breeding purposes, as well as giving the beekeeper some idea of which crops his (or her) bees are actually foraging on.

The collected pollen can be fed to colonies that are raising queens or drones for a breeding program, whether open mating or mating is controlled by instrumental insemination.

Dave Cushman left several unpopulated buttons naming various types of pollen traps, but I have been unable to find information in his archives or online, apart from commercially made ones. There have been several new designs and as they keep changing, it might be advisable for the viewer to search online. The OAC pollen trap is well known and drawings exist, so I have retained that.

If you know of any types that can be added to this list of traps, please Email me.

Dave Cushman.

Page created 02/05/2001

Page updated 10/12/2022