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Perspex Quilt,
Transparent Crown Board for top bee space use

If you have top bee space the type of glass viewing board that is made commercially, is of no use as the bee space will be so great that the bees will quickly construct brace comb. However a different approach is possible using 9 mm thick Perspex (poly methyl methacrylate). The 9 mm thickness is necessary to obviate sagging in hot weather. With top bee space no rim is actually required so the drawing below shows a Perspex square 460 mm on a side with a central 33 mm hole.

Perspex Board for top bee space National Bee Hive

A wooden rim can be applied using countersunk screws to make a one sided device. As the rim is there only for strength and stiffness it's dimensions are not critical (it will only be used with the perspex downwards) and the parts can be of any available timber. The rim parts in the drawing below, depicted upside down for greater clarity, are 9 mm thick and 32 mm wide... Which will allow use on bottom bee space hives if desired. The rim pieces are arranged 'nose to tail' and so all four are 428 mm long.

Perspex Quilt for top bee space National Bee Hive

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