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The "Rational" hive was designed by Dave Cushman in the 1980 and 1990s. It is essentially a top bee space (tbs) National with other parts modified. Compatibility with tbs National equipment is assured as the brood box and supers were tbs National.

I suspect the Rational hive may have been included in the catalogue of Apex Enterprises, but I doubt if it sold well. I have certainly never seen any.

Dave Cushman was a thoughtful man and I'm sure he spent many hours developing these modifications, but they were non-standard and for that reason not attractive to a purchaser. Dave felt that each item offered some benefit over more conventional designs, either in terms of ease of assembly, durability, function or productivity.

Most of the parts were made of cheaper materials than those used by most manufacturers at the time, these being pine and plywood/hardboard instead of prime quality cedar. 

I am continuing to display this page, but I am unable to do anything about the buttons that don't work, as I can't find any drawings. There are some good ideas on those that do work and I hope they will prove useful.

Roger Patterson.

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Brother Adam Feeder
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Rational Miller Feeder
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