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Rational Pollen Stripping Screen

A simple board that can be interposed between the brood box and a Rational floor in order that pollen trapping can be done simply and easily on any colony with little interruption.

The Grain should run along the longest dimension of any part.

Cutting of parts (all dimensions in mm).

  3rd Angle
 Qty  Length  Width   Thickness  Material  Usage 
1460460 9 (or 6)Exterior PlywoodMain Panel
246018 9PineRim Sides
242418 9PineOther Rim Parts

This drawing is at 1 pixel per mm scale.

The pollen screen itself (star type recommended) is arranged centrally over the half sized mesh panel that is in the horizontal surface of the Rational Floor. The two porter escapes allow passage of workers and drones outwards, but returning workers have to go via the stripping screen and returning drones are not admitted so they will seek another hive. The workers may also leave by way of the holes in the stripping screen.

The one illustrated here has star shaped stripping screen, but I have others that have round holes, including one that uses an aluminium sink strainer as the stripping screen.

If I were making more of these boards I would fit more than two porter escapes in each board as there is a tendency for them to be blocked by drones.

  Rational Pollen Stripping Screen

The rear view of the one that is illustrated in the drawing above, shows that it has a rim on the underside as well as the top surface, this is not actually necessary and only exists on my item, because it was made from an old coverboard (inner cover).

  Rear view of Rational Pollen Stripping Screen

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