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Rational Bee Hive Roof

The Grain should run along the longest dimension of any part.

Cutting of parts (all dimensions in mm).

  3rd Angle
QtyLengthWidth ThicknessMaterialUsage
1460460 9Exterior PlywoodLower Panel
1460460 4Exterior Ply or HardboardTop Panel
2460 5018PineLong sides of rim
2436 5018PineOther rim parts
1461461 10Spangled GalvanizedSheet Metal Cover
1424424 50Expanded Polystyrene FoamInsulation

If you wish to use this item in a system that uses bottom bee space, then add the Rim Parts.

Use without the rim if top bee space is required.

Note 1.
9 mm plywood is specified for the lower surface owing to it's greater rigidity and freedom from warping. This durability outweighs the small cost saving of using thinner material.

Assemble using a waterproof PVA type glue using nails or screws.

The version as drawn above is simple to make and very durable. If petroleum jelly is used on the on the main panel and linseed oil or outdoor quality enamel paint is used on the outer edges, the item will give many years of good service.

  Rational Bee Hive Roof

The roof is fitted to the top of the hive using "Z" springs to hold it firmly in place.

Many of the original prototypes of this type of roof were made using thin plywood or hardboard (Masonite) as the undersurface. All of those with thin plywood, sagged in the centre, reducing the bee space above the frame top bars, with consequent brace comb aggregation. Hence the comment about the 9 mm thickness, which many might think was overkill. Although the hardboard that was used is only about 4 mm thickness, many of the original ones are still in use and are flat, whereas some others that appeared to be identical material sagged like the thin plywood and have since been replaced with 9 mm ply.

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