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For Extra Rim 9 mm deep 12 mm wide

This 12 mm wide rim is for converting top bee space items for use in bottom bee space systems like the standard National.

At first sight... A rim that is only 12 mm wide will seem rather narrow, but there is a good reason for it.

The top rails of B.S. National hives have a wall thickness of 13 mm or (1/2"). As the boxes are square any item with a rim may be positioned in either of two mutually perpendicular directions. Therefore a 12 mm wide rim cannot overlap the ends of the frame top bars and thus we avoid the propolising mayhem that occurs with the standard bottom bee space design.


Two Pieces 460 mm x 12 mm x 9 mm
Two Pieces 436 mm x 12 mm x 9 mm

Material can be Pine, Cedar, Exterior Grade Ply or whatever else you may have to hand.

Glueing and screwing using countersunk screws will give a reliable, long working life.

An alternative way of constructing the rim is to use four pieces 448 mm x 12 mm x 9 mm and form them into a square in a 'nose to tail fashion' as shown in the small inset diagram.

  12 mm rim for converting top bee space item for use in bottom bee space systems

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