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Shallow Super to suite Rational or
Top Bee Space National Hives

This type of shallow super is a beehive box that takes shallow frames for honey extraction, specially suited to the rational bee hive.

Dimensions in mm. 3rd Angle

Rational Super, 3 views It is called a super because it usually goes over the top of most other parts of a hive. American usage of the word can be misleading as 'super' is a name that is often appended to any sort of box that contains frames.

It is also known just as a "shallow" or a "shallow box". And is the item that a beekeeper will have the most of, simply because the bees will fill several of them whilst they are on the hives and you will have others that are awaiting extraction, some being extracted and yet others waiting to be returned to hives.

An empty super can be used for many of the uses of an eke.

They can also be filled with hanging section frames instead of extracting frames, in order to secure a crop of section honey.

Supers are basically just a shorter version of a brood box.

Cutting of parts (When drawings of parts are available, the table rows will become live links.) The grain should always run along the longest dimension of any part.

Qty LengthWidth ThicknessMaterialUsage
2460 15018PineSides
246044 25PineFront and back top rails (rebated)
2460 4425PineBottom rails (splayed)
2424 12618PineFront and back panels

Note The front and back are set flush with the baseline and the ledge of the rebate.

cross section of shallow super This cross sectional view may help to make assembly easy.

Scale = 1 pixel per 2mm.


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