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Nuc Box For Queen Raising Designed by Roger Patterson

Roger has not provided detailed instructions on making up this device as he expects you to make use of materials that you have to hand. Only important dimensions have been given, again to aid flexibility in using existing materials.

Roger Patterson Nuc Box

The Roof is covered with a metal skin, us old litho printing plates if available or any other thin sheet metal that will not corrode.

The cover board needs to be at least 8 mm thick in order that it will not sag, the central feed hole can be any size to suite the cutters that you have available.

The sides of the box should be one piece of timber, pine is best, but you may have difficulty finding the 240 mm width that is required, if you use ply for these parts then you should try and use pine for the end plates as an all ply construction can lead to dampness.

If you use mesh for the base, add a couple of 20 x 20 cleats underneath to act as legs and provide a ventilation space for the mesh.

The cross hatched parts indicate sections.

Drawing after Roger Patterson, text by Dave Cushman

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