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Beekeeping Writings and Designs of Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson is a very experienced beekeeper based in West Sussex. He is very active in his local association... Wisborough Green BKA, (WGBKA) a Division of West Sussex BKA.

Roger is well known for his long term observations on poor queen mating and performance that have appeared in the early years of the 21st century. He has lectured widely on this and other practical topics at home and abroad. There are versions of his document on this subject in the menu above left.

Roger encourages beekeepers to understand their bees, so they can look after them in a caring way. He has encouraged others to consider using methods that aren't mainstream, among these are the use of the punched cell method of queen rearing, castellated spacers in brood boxes and what he has called the "Wakeford" method of swarm control.

Also in the menu is a link to a version of open mesh floor designed by Roger, that exists in two similar versions... One with alighting board and the other without, both of which can be easily made from recycled wood.

Roger is an inventive person and has produced an alternative version of my Vortex escape, based on a square design. He has also designed useful nucleus boxes that can be made by those unskilled in woodwork from recycled material, with the idea of promoting simplicity and low cost.


The main text was originally written by Dave Cushman. The title has changed and buttons added by Roger Patterson.

Since Dave Cushman wrote the above, things have progressed. I have inherited and managed this website. I have written many pages for this website, the bee press and the book that is featured on the buttons top left. Since 2013 until the COVID - 19 pandemic hit us in early 2020, I have given over 60 presentations and demonstrations per year, in addition to the many to WGBKA. I have been the Apiary Manager at WGBKA, where we always have over 20 full colonies and 10-30+ nucs for queen rearing. I have been vice chairman of BIBBA for many years (as of 2020 v/c to 5 chairmen!). For BIBBA, I am a trustee, web editor, organise events and education. As well as for BIBBA, I also organise the lecture programmes for the National Honey Show and Central Association of Bee-Keepers. I am Vice President of Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd (BDI). I did a full term of 8 years as a BBKA Trustee.

Roger Patterson.

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