Open Mesh Floors
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Roger Patterson's Version of the Open Mesh Floor

Open Mesh Floors have several advantages, they provide ventilation of the hive and are convenient for monitoring natural levels of varroa mite drop or that induced by treatment.

Roger has two designs, the first has no alighting board and the second version does, both types have been designed with standard 'off the shelf' timber sections in mind, but variation can exist between DIY stores and timber merchants.

No operational details are included as they are all described on the Open Mesh Floors page or the documents that are linked from it.

Dimensions in mm.

Open mesh floor without alighting board, Roger Patterson

The two drawings were originally supplied as CAD drawings in .dwg format, although they have been rendered here as .gifs for compactness and speed, however the 'flavour' of the originals has been left as the draughtsman intended.

Open mesh floor with alighting board, Roger Patterson

 Written... 28 February 2007, Additions... 05 March 2007, Drawings Corrected... 25 August 2007,
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