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is a European group of Dark European Honey Bee enthusiasts

The Dark European Honeybee Apis mellifera mellifera is native to the whole of Northern Europe from the Atlantic seaboard of Norway, Britain, Ireland and France eastwards across Europe, north of the Alps and Carpathians to the Urals and beyond.

SICAMM (Sicietas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis melliferae melliferae) is an group that has links with all beekeepers and organisations who have an interest in Amm. Although there is an elected committee there is no membership or subscription. Everyone is welcome and encouraged - it really is a loose organisation with no national barriers.

The main event is an international conference that is held nominally biennially. The first one I attended was in Aviemore in 2009, the second in Switzerland in 2012. I gave a lecture at both as did others from the U.K. and Ireland. In Switzerland there were 29 lectures with 7 of them given by speakers from U.K. and Ireland. Details of previous conferences can be found here. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them and was pleased to meet like minded beekeepers who use different equipment and methods.

There are further details on the SICAMM website.

Roger Patterson

Page updated 21/08/2022