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Statement, Notice and Policy

These were originally posted on the front page, but I have moved them to here so they don't become an annoyance for regular visitors.


I am aware that some data has been copied from this website and is displayed on another one that appears to have been set up for that purpose. It was Dave Cushman's policy to make all beekeeping items on this website free of copyright, as he wanted it to be freely available for all beekeepers to help them become more knowledgeable. Dave was a very generous man and for that reason I do not intend taking any action.

I have had a large number of messages, discussions and calls informing me of the situation. Many have shown anger, annoyance and distaste for what has happened and I thank beekeepers for being kind enough to take the trouble to express their concerns.

In the weeks before he died, Dave indicated he was concerned this website might get into the hands of those who may abuse it and use it for their own purposes. I believe he would have been furious at this development.

This is the official Dave Cushman website and I intend to maintain the very high standards Dave set. I apologise for having to display this message, but feel I ought to in order to register the views of the many genuine and caring beekeepers who, although they may not have met Dave, they respect the huge amount of effort he put into compiling this website for the benefit of others.


Dave Cushman died on 22nd February 2011. Shortly before he died he asked me to take over his websites. I later learnt he bequeathed them to me. I am a beekeeper and we discussed the future of the beekeeping website, with Dave telling me I could develop it how I wished.

He specifically asked that all non-beekeeping websites and pages stay exactly as they are and I promised I would maintain them as long as I could. I understand his reasons and will respect them. They will be archived, but still accessible.

I will try to maintain and develop the beekeeping website in a way that Dave would have approved and to maintain his high standards.

Many visitors are unaware of the situation, so I have put shortened versions of this message at the most likely entry points throughout the website. I apologise for the repetition.

The beekeeping world is grateful to Dave Cushman for the effort he put in on providing what many consider to be one of the world's finest beekeeping websites and I will do my best to maintain it as such. I want it to continue to be known as "Dave Cushman's website", so Dave is permanently remembered for his huge contribution to beekeeping.


As mentioned above, Dave Cushman intended all items on this website were to be free of copyright, apart from a few family related items. For that reason any item that is supplied to me should be free of copyright, unless stated otherwise on the relevant page.

Much of the new material that has been written since Dave Cushman's death has been written by me. Much is from my own knowledge, but sometimes using information that may have been sourced from elsewhere. Where a topic is of a specialist nature I may have asked someone else to write it.

In receiving written material for inclusion from third parties I do it in good faith. Some, or part, may have been acquired from elsewhere, with the original source being unknown to me. I am unable to guarantee the copyright is not held by someone else. If you recognise any material on this website where the copyright belongs to you, please contact me, if possible supplying proof and I will do my best to deal with it.

Prior to me taking over this website there were many photographs, many of which I know were taken by Dave Cushman. Many that have been used since that date have been taken by me. It is possible there are photographs that have been supplied by contributors. Although I am careful and check where I can, I am unable to be certain they have not been taken from elsewhere and are the copyright of someone else. Again, if you own the copyright and can show me reasonable proof I will remove them forthwith.

Roger Patterson.