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Beekeeping Study Groups

Beekeeping study groups allow self education and discussion among a group of like minded beekeepers. There obviously needs to be a purpose and it could be a specialist subject such as bee improvement, candle making or exams. A good local BKA will encourage and help their members form such groups and provide tutoring and relevant material such as leaflets or books. By their nature study groups may not last long, as there are often not enough members coming in at the bottom end to replace those that drop out at the top.

It often works well for those studying for the exam modules to work together. They can share information and even where they got the information from. If previous candidates can help out so much the better.

Study groups often rely on a strong minded person who is good at organising. As usual there are many who will follow if others lead. I hope this website is useful for information gathering of study groups.

Roger Patterson.