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Beekeeping Trade Websites

Some suppliers

This page links directly to websites. There are no comments from me as I don't wish to favour one supplier over another.

You must satisfy yourself about the quality and service that is offered by the suppliers. I am happy to list any suppliers, but the right to do so is my decision and no reason for not listing will be given.

The Apiservices website has a great many trade links.

Roger Patterson.

These Links are not in any order

Carl Fritz
Beehive Bits
Bees Abroad

Vita Europe (treatments)
French Flint Ltd (jars)
C. Wynne Jones

Beedata (Bee books)
Maisemore Apiaries
Brunel Microscopes

Bee Craft Magazine
Bees for Development
E.H. THORNE (Beehives) Ltd
Freeman and Harding (jars)

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