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Uniting Bees by Shaking

An old and simple method

There are many ways of uniting bees, the most common is probably the "newspaper method", that is in all the books. This method of shaking is quick, simple and I have never had a failure.

Shaking bees disorientates and confuses them and is probably why it is so successful. It can be carried out at any time of the day, but I wouldn't try it in a nectar dearth, especially for an inexperienced beekeeper, as I think many similar manipulations, such as queen introduction, may be less likely to succeed at such times.

Having taken the usual precaution of checking for disease and inspecting the colonies to be united, so you know what you have, do the following:-

The good thing about this method is it can be performed quickly and on the same day.

Roger Patterson.

Page created 17/04/2014

Page updated 21/12/2022