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The 1990 Pétanque League

The 1990 Pétanque League Logo ( & how it was designed )

The words "1990 Pétanque League" became associated with 'Old English' or 'Black' Script, due to the calligraphy of Ted Robertson and has become one of the standards used in league documents. I have used it in these pages for that reason. If you require the font used ('cloister black bt') for use on your own computer you may download it by using the button at right.  

Our league is also known as "The Friendly League", owing to our preference to playing the game for it's enjoyment rather than within an unyielding framework of rules.

The black and white logo came about one afternoon in the office of my company 'Apex Enterprises'. I was typing a document for the pétanque league and Liz Hooper was doing the accounts at the other end of the desk... She had the idea and doodled it into existence. I liked it and asked her to formalise it and draw it up as a template. The style is of it's time and this is mainly due to the fact that most documents that were circularised, in the early 1990s, were single colour photostatic copies.

There have been several versions of logo, but they have all maintained the same theme that includes the three boule and the cochonnet.

  1990 Pétanque League Logo, as designed by Elizabeth Hooper

Part of my business was manufacturing trophies and trophy components... By using components that were 'end of line' I was able to keep the cost of trophies to a very minimal level. In order to trim these costs still further, I made a punch and die for our sheet metal press that would blank out 25 mm discs from polished, anodised aluminium sheet. These discs were then engraved with the 1990 logo to form the trophy centres.

The discs were of different colours for different years, the black one depicted was used for the 1994 season. Blue was used for 1993 season with silver? for 1992 and gold? for 1991 (there were some small shields made for the 1990 season, these were organised by Ted and presented at a committee meeting that was held at the Three Crowns Barrow on Soar.)

  1990 Pétanque League engraved trophy centre
The making of the engraving master is also worth recounting... I first made a transparent drawing of the original logo, which was 180 mm square, using Indian ink, then I made a photographic negative from it. The negative was sandwiched with some photosensitive material that was used to make printing plates and the sandwich was exposed to Ultra Violet light. After chemical development the plate had a series of grooves where the lines had been on the drawing. It was then a simple matter to use the engraving machine# to produce a brass 'master' that could be used to engrave the individual discs. Pictures of some of the trophies can be seen on the linked page.

Since that original time and the bankruptcy of myself and my company the trophy centres have been made by the trophy trade in the more normal domed acrylic form. The layout, with the wording in an annular space around the edge of the centre with the original '1990' boule and coche, is due to Ted Robertson.

The picture at right exhibits some flare as the item was placed on a flatbed scanner rather than being photographed. The luminous quality of the green background is a feature of the use of the scanner and the lens shape of the acrylic disc.

  1990 Pétanque League acrylic trophy centre

The round Logo was generated at the time that the acrylic trophy centres were produced and has been a feature for many years. The top left hand version was produced by Ted Robertson and is a photographic image of a large disc that Ted Robertson himself painted to look like the acrylic centre. David Hughes (Spike) Created the black and white version and this was used on the fixture books that he was responsible for. I also used this on the 2003 fixture books as time was short. The bottom left was an attempt to combine elements of the coloured one and the black and white one, but it looks crude and required a larger file size than I thought it warranted. The version at bottom right is one that I have drawn from scratch taking elements from all of the previous images. Which I hope is sympathetic to the artistry of the others, is crisp and punchy, and at the same time is a relatively small .gif type file that can be easily used by anybody in future, for stationary and mail shots.

Coloured 1990 league logo as ted painted and photographed Round 1990 league logo used on fixture books and letters, produced by David Hughes
Attempted coloured 1990 league logo using software conversion Coloured 1990 league logo intended for use late 2003 onwards
For various reasons, it fell to me to organise the AGM for 2003 and owing to shortness of time I could not get hold of a coloured sample of our round logo, so I dressed up the earliest example of our logo, as I had a copy of that already in my computer. This gave rise to the small Logo at the right of this text that has been used, and will continue to be used until I can sort out the stationary files to use the coloured version of the round one.   small 1990 league logo used on some letters and envelopes

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