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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

1990 Pétanque League rule book picture
( & how and why it was modified by Ted Robertson )

The rule book of the "1990 Pétanque League" originally had the black and white logo and a picture of people playing pétanque (I am unsure of where this came from). I reproduce it below. It may take some time to load as it is a large file, I have used some artistic licence to reduce the file size and thus I apologise to the artist for any degradation of the original.

picture from the front of the 1995 rule book

Someone complained that the figures in the picture were all male and that as our league was founded on friendly and family principles it should reflect this in the picture. Ted Robertson took this on board and modified the drawing to include two female figures.

picture from the front of the 1997 rule book

I apologise for the soot and whitewash contrast of the second picture, but it is due to the degradation caused when a photocopy is then photocopied multiple times.

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