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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

Year 2003 League Fixtures for the 1990 Pétanque League

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1990 Pétanque League    Fixtures for 2003 Season

1 v 58 v 11 v 6Cup7 v 11 v 3Cup4 v 1Cup1 v 2
2 v 65 v 22 v 7Pre-8 v 22 v 41st3 v 22nd3 v 4
3 v 76 v 33 v 8Lim5 v 35 v 7Round7 v 6Round5 v 6
4 v 87 v 44 v 5Round6 v 46 v 88 v 57 v 8

5 v 1Cup1 v 86 v 11 v 7Cup3 v 11 v 42 v 1Cup
6 v 2Qtr.2 v 57 v 22 v 8Semi4 v 22 v 34 v 3&
7 v 3Finals3 v 68 v 33 v 5Finals7 v 56 v 76 v 5Plate
8 v 44 v 75 v 44 v 68 v 65 v 88 v 7Finals

   Premier Division      Division 'A'      Division 'B'
1Queen Vic '2'1Woodies 'II'1Bush Owls
2Cheney Lancers2Forge 'A'2Three Crowns 'B'
3O B H 'Z'3Trap 'A'3White Hart 'P'
4Blue Lion 'C'4Free Trade 'D'4Lindens Leftovers
5Horse & Groom5Brookside Drakes5Le Railway 'A'
6The Fox Hunters6Royal Oak6Hare & Hounds 'A'
7Three Crowns 'A'7The Top7Asfordby Amateurs 'B'
8Woodies '1'8Queen Vic '1'8Woodies 'III'
Division 'C'Division 'D'Division 'E'
1Woodies All Stars1Blue Bell Pealers1Rose & Crown
2Railway Buffers2Anchor Starboard2Bye
3Golden Fleece3Hare & Hounds 'B'3Fox Raiders
4Le Railway 'B'4Blue Lion 'S'4Free Trade 'C'
5Blue Lion 'D'5Free Trade 'B'5Bad Apples
6Menaces6Trap 'B'6Fox Hunters '1'
7Anchor Port7The Forgers7Railway Sleepers
8Blue Bell Ringers8Black Horse 'B'8Bush Falcons
Division 'F'
1Black Horse 'Val'
2Asfordby Amateurs 'A'
3Fox Hunters '2'
4Apple Pips
5Blue Lion 'B'
6White Hart 'F'
7The Bullets

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the number of matches at a particular venue do not exceed the number of pistes available. In the event of a problem there are spare pistes available at 'The Free Trade', if 48 Hrs notice is given the pistes at 'The Cheney arms' can be re-laid to four tracks instead of two and on some occasions there are spare tracks at 'The Lindens Hotel'. However if you need any of these facilities you must contact the venues and captains concerned to establish full availability.
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