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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

Chairman's Report from the 1997 AGM of the 1990 pétanque league

The 1990 Pétanque Leage

In my report for the past year, I firstly wish to thank everyone who played or helped us through our seventh season. We started and finished the season with five divisions.

Thanks also to the organisers of our League Singles, Doubles and Triples competitions, there was a small hiccup, but we learn as we go!

We held a turn up and try event at the Gate, this turned out to be more of a success than we had anticipated. We had people queuing up to have a go. Thanks to the Hiss & Boo Jazz band and Richard's marquee. The only disappointment was that the paint blew off the banner that I produced, but I hope that we can repeat the event during 1997.

At the start of the season a lot of work was put in to refurbishing the pitch at Ashby Folville. We now have a lease on that area, which must be the nicest pétanque area in the county. The annual Wildlife Trophy was held there in ideal weather and I would ask for your support if we can arrange the competitions that used to be a feature some years ago.

The annual presentation night was once again a huge success. The venue seems ideal for our function and has already been booked for this year. Thanks to all who once again made this such a memorable occasion. To Rhonda & Phil for producing such a wonderful buffet, and to Bob and helpers for the bar. To all who helped prepare the hall and also clear up at the end. I'm sure Shirley Bassey was there!

Congratulations to all the winners of Trophies, and all those that didn't, there cannot be one without the other. Chris Fowler won the Singles competition for the third year, so we have to produce a new cup. Just a little thought on the presentation, May I suggest that any teams not attending or sending a representative to pick up their trophies, let us know in advance, then we do not have the trouble of putting them on show!

At this AGM we must once again vote on the decision relating to the winners and best runners up going into one hat for the following season. I feel that once again this has worked very well and it does give the other teams the chance of the Trophies.

Again the committee received no official complaints, but I understand there is still a problem regarding starting time of matches. It is all covered in the rule book as to what action to take if for any reason a match is not likely to start on time. I do not want to see our rule book full of penalties for infringement. I also feel that every player should read the rule book - not just the captain! It can also be a bit off putting for an away team to get to a venue on time and find the home team reluctant to come out of the pub for half an hour!

There may be some that recollect my report of last year when I said "Our League continues to grow as more people see the game, and whether we grow to be the Largest pétanque League in the Midlands Area is unimportant as long as it remains the happiest".

I think that this coming season will see us also the biggest. The reason for this is because it is the happiest. It is my wish that it always remains that way, and we all remember that the game is always more important than the result.

Thank you all for the support that you have given me over the years, and a very special thank you to the Publicans for allowing us to play in their gardens.

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