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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

Pétanque Rules as applicable to 1990 Pétanque League in the 1995 season

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Rule 1. The name of the league shall be "THE 1990 PETANQUE LEAGUE", with the inclusion of a sponsors name if appropriate.

Rule 2. To be by it's own committee consisting of one representative only from each member club. Three of said members being elected to the executive posts of:- Chairman- Secretary\ Treasurer - Fixture Secretary.

Committee meetings to take place on the third TUESDAY of the month at the GATE HANGS WELL, SYSTON at 8.00 pm. A quorum to consist of one third of the ordinary members plus one executive officer.

Rule 3.
A. Clubs may register with the B.P.A., but such registration is not essential.

B. The holding of B.P.A. licences is not essential, but entirely at the discretion of the club or individual concerned.

C. All clubs must have their playing venue situated within a 13 1/2 mile radius of the CARINGTON ARMS at ASHBY FOLVILLE.

Rule 4.
Any team wishing to join the league shall register with the league at least 4 weeks before the start of the season concerned:- at a committee meeting specially designated the purpose (MARCH).

The fee for membership being £25.00 per team.
All teams are automatically registered with the league Insurance Policy, no additional fee is required for this facility, but teams are OBLIGED to keep a list of playing members. ( A sheet is provided for this in the fixture booklet. )

Changes in formats and status of clubs in the league:

a. If any club has to change venues and they move en bloc, then each team within that club will retain their league and division status.

b. If any club has to change venues and their is a split in the membership, then the majority of members will retain their league and division status.

c. If any club decides to change venue, with just one member remaining at the original venue, then that member retains the league and division status of the club.

d. Any variation of these points must be referred back to the committee.

Division A to be made up of the divisional winners from the previous year regardless of geography. The remainder of this division to be made up as far as possible with the runners up from the previous year also.

RULE 6a.
All Divisions to have equal status, the difference between divisions to be geographical zoning to reduce traveling. (However clubs with more than one team may express a preference to be in the same or a different division, except for Division A.)

Each division of the league shall be made up of a minimum of five teams. Eight teams to be the norm if practicable.

a. In divisions of 7 or 8 teams each team will play its opponents twice, home and away.

b. In divisions of 5 or 6 teams each team will play its opponents three times, home, away & pot luck.

c. The official final date of the season shall be decided according to fixtures.

d. There will be a Knockout Cup competition involving all teams in the league regardless of division. THE RULES OF THIS ARE PROVIDED SEPARATELY AT THE END OF THE MAIN RULES.

e. There will be Singles, Pairs and Triples competitions. Those interested to enter on the sheet provided. The entrance fee is £1.00 per person per competition. The deadline for entries is 31st MAY 1995. Matches to be played on TUESDAYS. (AGM 1995) Dates and venues to be decided by number of entries received.

In each division there is a trophy for the winning team and a runners up, with medals or other mementos for the six team members. A trophy and mementos will also be provided for the winners and runners up of the Knockout Cup competition.

In addition a cup and mementos will be presented to the winners of the "Best Losers" competition.

Winners and runners up in the Singles, Pairs, and Triples competitions will receive mementos with the winners holding a trophy for a year.

Each team will consist of two triples who will play their opponents two triples. Each match to consist of four legs. The first triple to 13 points in each leg to be the winner of that leg.

RULE 10.
The league will be run on a points basis; teams being awarded one league point per leg won in each match. If the league points are level at the end of the season, points scored, both for and against, in all matches will be taken into account. If still level the committee will arrange a play off on a neutral track.


RULE 11.
Recognised members of any other WEDNESDAY league shall not take part in any cup or Summer League game organised by "The 1990 League" Penalty for violation of this rule is:- The match to be voided and all points awarded to the opposition.


RULE 12.
A. Any league matches may be re-arranged provided that the team being asked to re-arrange is given at least 24 hours notice prior to the original fixture by those that wish to re-arrange the match.

B. It is also the responsibility of the team wishing the re-arrangement to notify the Fixture Secretary of the changes within 48 hours of the ORIGINAL fixture.

Re-scheduling of league matches may take place at the mutual convenience of the teams concerned so long as all matches are completed by the end of the season.

b. The end of season will be deemed to be, 12.00 Midnight 7 days from the last Wednesday of the regular season, as per fixtures list.
All cards to be with the fixtures secretary by 12.00 Noon on the 10th day following the last Wednesday of the regular season.

c. If a match is not played on the appointed date or a team does not turn up for a fixture, then the team innocent of causing the default will be awarded the points as If the match had been played and had been won 4 legs to nil, 52 score points to nil.

RULE 14.
Normal fixtures will be on Wednesday evenings. Starting time to be 7:30 PM. unless some other starting time has been previously agreed by the team captains (as per re-arranged matches)

b. Any first half legs not commenced by 8:00 pm shall be forfeited by the offending triple 7- 13.
(A leg may be commenced with two players, with the third player joining in at the start of any new end throughout the leg.)

RULE 15.

a. BOTH Team captains shall inform the Fixtures Secretary of the result by post using the cards provided, within 72 hours of the match being played. (If no cards are received then no points will be awarded unless re-arranged and the fixtures secretary informed.)

b. BOTH Team Captains will record on the cards provided, the NAMES of players, and the POINTS SCORED in each leg, for each and every match played whether a LEAGUE FIXTURE or CUP MATCH.
Each Captain will have his card COUNTERSIGNED by the opposing Captain.

The Fixtures Secretary will now have a complete set of cards for each team so that end of season disputes can be easily investigated. Your co-operation is essential to the smooth running of the league. A regular league table should now be available.

RULE 16.

All matches are to be played under the International Rules of Pétanque as published by the British Pétanque Association with the exception of:

Rule 3. Licences need not be produced.

Rule 5. The size of piste is to be as large as possible under local conditions. Each Home team is to mark the EXACT, boundaries before the commencement of each match.

Rule 7(3) The coche is to be an acceptable distance from any boundary or obstacle, agreed by both teams prior to the commencement of play.

Rule 10 In addition any member of the same team is allowed to fill in the last hole.

Rule 32 Timing and commencement of play is to be as per RULE 14 of these rules. Rule??- There is no restriction on the quality of Boule i.e. "Dog" boule may be used, but players are advised to obtain recognised competition boule.

Rule ??- In the event of the coche leaving the playing area then the end is "DEAD". Boule In hand do not count. Play is restarted from the opposite end NOT the original end.

(When interpreting any rule... please remember that it is the spirit of the game that matters, not the pedantic application of the rule.)

Rule 17.
a. If any team breaks any of the previous rules which carry a fixed penalty, the committee shall decide fault. No alteration of the penalty shall be made.

b. If any team breaks any of the previous rules which carry no fixed penalty, the committee shall decide on (l) fault and (2) any penalty.

Rule 18
In the event of a team or individual player having a grievance against another team, or evidence of rule breaking, this must be notified to the league secretary within one week of the event. There will be no acceptance of complaints after this time.

Rule 19
Any amendments of the above rules of the league can only be approved at an Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by:- (1) A majority of the committee, or (2) at the request of two or more clubs.
The decision of the committee is final.

The AGM will be held on the third Tuesday in March each year. This will be Signing on Night.
Trophies will be presented at a dance, to be organised at the end of each season on a Saturday Night.


Rule 20.
a. All rounds will be on Wednesday nights and will be noted in the fixtures list.

b. The match shall be played to 1990 pétanque league rules, and results recorded and posted in the normal way.

c. In the event of a tied match i.e. 2-2 37 points- 37 points Then the last leg to finish will play one extra end and the score of that end added to the last leg .i.e. TWO POINTS SCORED RESULT WILL BE RECORDED 15-7.

d. Failure to play the extra end will result in the match being awarded to the away team.

Written... 08 to 11 October 2002, Revised... 16 April 2003, Upgraded... 23 December 2004,

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