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Dave Cushman died on 22nd February 2011 and shortly before he died he asked me to take over his websites. I later learnt he bequeathed them to me. I am a beekeeper and we discussed the future of the beekeeping website with Dave telling me I could develop it how I wished. He specifically asked that all non-beekeeping websites and pages stay exactly as they are and I promised I would maintain them as long as I could. I understand his reasons and will respect them, so I am unable to accept any offers of additions or updates.

Roger Patterson

Dave Cushman's Photo Album

This website is mainly a photograph album for my own personal enjoyment, and reference, available for any of my friends and family. I have nothing to hide and so anyone is free to peruse it if they so desire.

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However, unlike the rest of my website, it is not free of copyright. If you wish to use any of the content of these pages you must first seek my permission by Email, using the button in the strap above or the one at page bottom. It is unlikely that permission will be refused... But it is personal information and as such it is personal property.


This part of the website also gives genealogy and C.V. details along with medical history. The "Page Index", "Picture Index" and "Family Tree" buttons are self explanatory and will be added to as progress is made. The "Find" button will lead you to the individual subject indices.

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