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Wyggeston Boys School

Wyggeston Boys was situated in the Victoria park area of Leicester at the place shown on the map at right, however this location is now occupied by the

Wyggeston and queen Elizabeth I sixth form college

The school had a reputation for producing pupils with high academic achievement, which was true as far as it went. However the reputation was falsely maintained by suppressing news of any adverse events and similar repression of those pupils with high spirits and unruly behaviour. I was one such rebel myself, I was often in 'trouble' and although I have to accept that I was guilty some of the time, I was disgusted by the way almost all wrong doings were attributed to me. I was punished many times and about half of such punishments were unjust or vindictive. Rebel or not a miss-behaving pupil should only be punished for what they have actually done wrong.

Map showing position of Wyggeston Boys School

Wyggeston Boys did have a touch of sadism... I was one of the pupils forced to take swimming lessons in the filthy, smelly, unheated outdoor pool.

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