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Local Beekeeping Associations

A list of U.K and Irish websites

This is an index of U.K and Irish local and county Beekeeping Association websites. There is much information on some of them, but it may need quite a search to find it. There is often useful material on websites, some hidden away in old newsletters, "hints and tips", etc. It is always worth having a good old rummage. Over the years I have found some real gems.

In my view some local BKAs are too cautious about giving contact details and I do find it annoying when I want to contact someone, but can't. A website is a major point of contact, not somewhere to hide behind. On several occasions I have sent an email from a website and never had a response. There is often no name or telephone number either, so you can't follow it up unless you search elsewhere. This is frustrating and is likely to deter potential members from joining, which I think is a pity. There are however, many who are open and I suspect their BKAs are well run and vibrant.

Saffron Walden

Reigate Div. Surrey
North Staffordshire
Leicester & Rutland
West Norfolk & Kings Lynn
North Shropshire

North Cotswold
West Sussex
Wisborough Green
North Somerset
Isle of Man Federation

East Lancashire
York & District

There are a great many Beekeeping Associations in the UK and Ireland. Some have websites, but many still don't. The maintenance and updating of many is excellent, but some are poor. Whilst writing this I have seen BKA websites with meeting information that is several years out of date! It is not my business to tell others what to do, but if you are searching here, I suggest you look at your own BKA website and if you see problems, then speak to the person who deals with it.

We must always remember that much of the work of a local BKA is done by volunteers and they have other things to do - families, work, beekeeping, etc, so maintenace and updates are done "as and when".

The links on this page may expire without notice, as the responsibility for a BKA website is in the hands of volunteers who may change. Very often an enthusiastic new beekeeper sets up a website, then moves away, or gives up beekeeping and nobody else takes it over. This is a pity, but is unfortunately part of beekeeping.

I apologise for any broken links and would request an update, so that I may keep this page as a resource rather than a graveyard. I don't wish to cause unrest in local BKAs, but if your BKA link is broken it is not giving a good impression.

If you have the URL of a website run by or on behalf of a beekeeping association in Great Britain or Ireland send it to me via Email and I will add it into this page. The polite thing to do is to have a reciprocal agreement so this website link is on yours, so please speak to your webmaster.

Roger Patterson.

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