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National Beekeeping Associations

A list of websites

This is an index of national and international Beekeeping Association websites. It is really a signposting service, with direct links. The web is fast moving and links may be broken, so please Email me if this happens.

There is much information on some websites. Even if they may not be from your locality, there may be information that can be gleaned from them. In particular there are often events that may appeal to you, with the possibility of an extended stay. Travel is so affordable and quick now, that it is often quicker and cheaper for me to travel from West Sussex to Scotland or Ireland than drive to the northern counties.

I have linked to the versions in the native language. Some have translations, some don't.

Scottish BKA
Ulster BKA
Swiss BKA
German BKA

British BKA
Australian BKAs (see below)
More Australian BKAs (see above)
American Beekeeping Federation
American Honey Producers Association

Federation of Irish BKAs
Apiculture New Zealand
Canada BKAs
US National BKAs
US State and Local BKAs

South African BKAs
Welsh BKA
Norwegian BKA
Slovenian BKA
Danish BKA

There are many more National BKAs than are listed here. If you have any suggestions please Email me.

Roger Patterson.

Page updated 21/08/2022