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The Central Association of Bee-Keepers (CABK)

Bringing Science to the Beekeeper

The following has been gleaned from the Central Association website and has been condensed to save space.

The Central Association is a registered educational charity that enables beekeepers, bee scientists and others interested in bees to keep in touch with the latest research. There are more than ten lectures given each year by invited speakers who are acknowledged experts in their fields, both nationally and internationally. A selection of lectures are published and distributed as booklets, of which approximately 240 have now been produced. They are considered essential reading for those taking the BBKA examinations or the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB).

The CABK can trace its origins back to the foundation of the BBKA in 1874, with the first lecture in 1879. Its present form dates from 1945. The objects of the CABK are to "promote and further the craft of beekeeping".

Currently there is a Spring Meeting in central London, an autumn weekend residential conference and occasional sponsored lectures elsewhere.

Roger Patterson.