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The Writings of Chris Slade

Chris Slade is an eloquent and pedantic writer and long term contributor to Email discussion groups that are focussed on beekeeping topics.

Chris lives in Dorset where he worked for the county council as a 'Senior Countryside Access Officer (Legal)',before he retired, although a quick look on the Internet might leave you to believe that Chris is a drummer with a rock group, he has varying interests among which, beekeeping ranks fairly high.

There are many pictures of Chris on this website as well as many references to him in various texts.

Chris at Stoneleigh in 2005

He has been visiting the FIBKA Summer School at Gormanston annually for the same number of years as myself and is well known among Irish beekeepers.

Chris has been known to write articles for beekeeping magazines. He is a prolific writer of poetry, some of which will get exposure on this website in due course.

Chris also acts as editor of the Dorset BKA website. He was also chairman of the Dorset BKA at the time of original writing this text.

Written by D.A.C. edited by Roger Patterson.

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