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This product is not registered for use in the U.K.

Fluvalinat M-1 AER, for treatment of varroasis

General note on chemicals: I do not endorse or advise on chemical treatments, as I am not qualified to do so and there may be dangers beyond my control. New products may be introduced or existing ones withdrawn, so it is difficult to keep up with current information on a website such as this. As many of the chemical pages were generated by Dave Cushman, I am leaving the content mainly as left by Dave for historical purposes only, which may mean information is out of date and unreliable. The user should seek guidance from other sources and satisfy themselves regarding safety and legality. Roger Patterson.

Fluvalinat M-1 AER is a liquid preparation of fluvalinate for the chemical treatment of varroasis in honey bees, it can be delivered by an atomising pump or by smouldering fumigation strips. (see note below)

Fluvalinat is an insecticide from a group of synthetically manufactured Pyrethroids. The chemical's name is:-

Formula:=  C26H22ClF3N2O3

Molecular weight = 502,93.

Boiling point = 450°C.

Fluvalinat M-1 AER is a yellowish liquid, whose solubility in water is only to 2.0 parts per billion, but good solubility exists in organic solvents.

It is licenced for veterinary use in the United States, but this fact is little known (refer to the Institute at Dol).

  2.5 ml of Fluvalinat in 10 ml bottle

Further information will be added when I obtain the English translation of some documents that are in the Czech language.

Dilution for use in the aerosol fogger:- The treatment mixture is formed by adding the 2.5 ml bottle of M-1 AER to 360  ml of water. Once diluted... Use within 24 hrs. The aerosol is delivered at 3 bar pressure for 30 seconds per colony, treat twice with a 3 week interval. ONLY treat when the temperature is above 5°C.

Some doubt has been cast on the smouldering strip delivery method, rather than withdraw the information, I leave it in place and issue the warning that this method of delivery of the chemical compound is not recommended for use with Fluvalinat M-1 AER.

2 drops of M-1 AER Fluvalinat on a smouldering dol strip The M-1 AER can also be atomised using the smouldering strip delivery method. 2 spots per strip are used, one strip per hive, ignite the bottom edge of the strip, when smouldering hang between brood frames using a nail or hooklet, re-place crown board (inner cover) and roof (outer cover or lid), close the hive entrance for 1 hour. Give a second treatment after 3 weeks if required, Supers MUST be taken off during treatment, but can be re-placed after treatment.

Czech strip hanging hooklet designed by Vladimir Vesely
The 'hooklet' mentioned above is intended to be copied and used to hang various types of treatment strips.
In use... The strip is threaded onto the dip in the wire and then lowered between two frames.

I neither endorse nor condemn this product. The information as given here is a matter of public record. The information is provided in good faith.
BEFORE you obtain or use the material concerned please ascertain the legality of doing so in your particular location as the product may or may not be approved in your geographic State or Country.

The product is sold in 2.5 ml doses each of which is in a 10 ml dropper bottle. The bottles are further packaged in sealed segments of a polythene tube which forms a sort of 'bandolier' of individual shots. The picture below shows five bottles packed in this manner.

Bandolier of 2.5 ml of Fluvalinat bottles

Please note... I am not a supplier of this product, nor do I have pricing information.

Originally written by Dave Cushman. Edited and additions by Roger Patterson.

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