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Horsley Board

A versatile swarm control method

The Horsley Board was designed by Arthur Horsley, a Yorkshire beekeeper, as a method of swarm control that was easier to operate than the Snelgrove Board for his own circumstances where his bees were not kept at home, but in out apiaries.

I have never used a Horsley Board, but I can see a lot of opportunities, such as raising queens and making colony increase.

The Horsley Board is one of a number of boards that separates the queen and flying bees from the brood. It requires using two brood boxes, but keeping them together as one hive.

A web search will reveal several different methods of using the Horsley Board, as you would expect with the passing of time, the innovation of beekeepers and bees being kept in different areas with different conditions. The original page (button on top left) on this website was written by Dave Cushman, but Michael Badger, who knew Arthur Horsley, approached me saying that Dave's version was incorrect, hence this holding page. The buttons on the left are where you can access other methods.

Roger Patterson.