Excluder Types
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Wire Queen Excluder for National Bee Hives

The Grain should run along the longest dimension of any part.

Cutting of parts (all dimensions in mm).

  3rd Angle projection
24602810PineOther sides of rim
14203762GridHerzog type

Use with rim downwards for bottom bee space or with the rim uppermost if top bee space is required.

The corner Joints are 'halved', the grid is rebated into the frame so that there is a clearance of 0.5 mm - 1.0 mm from the grid surface to the frame rim.

10 mm is specified for the thickness of the rim material, but commercially made up excluders are sometimes of 11 mm or 12 mm thickness.

Assemble using a waterproof PVA type glue and staples.

All wooden parts are treated with petroleum jelly after assembly.

Scale = 1 pixel per mm.

  National Herzog Excluder

There is another type, manufactured by B.J. Engineering, that uses a welded wire grid. (Some details are included on the Excluder Types) page.

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