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Dave Cushman died on 22nd February 2011 and shortly before he died he asked me to take over his websites. I later learnt he bequeathed them to me. I am a beekeeper and we discussed the future of the beekeeping website with Dave telling me I could develop it how I wished. He specifically asked that all non-beekeeping websites and pages stay exactly as they are and I promised I would maintain them as long as I could. I understand his reasons and will respect them, so I am unable to accept any offers of additions or updates.

I am aware these pages are used for reference by many people. I am happy for them to continue to be used providing the user is satisfied the information is suitable for their purposes and they take the necessary precautions.

Throughout these pages there may be references to people who may no longer be with us. I have deliberately left the information for historical purposes. Please be thoughtful if you try to contact them and try to find out the situation before doing so.

I regret I am unable to enter into correspondence due to time pressure. 

Roger Patterson

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The ease with which a site can be navigated is an important consideration. This particular site started small and grew in a ragged fashion. My original, graphic "Shortcuts" routine worked well up until development reached about 200 pages, but it became slower as more was added to it, also during that time data loading on the internet has increased and transfer rates have slowed considerably.

The next stage was the "A - Z" INDEX, but even that started to show signs of overload at about 450 pages. I have now created a set of "A - Z" INDICES that are arranged by subject. This full set can be found on the Find page. This page is a subset of indices that covers all non beekeeping subjects.

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