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Equipment Supplies for non UK beekeeping

If you require to purchase beekeeping equipment, finding an outlet can be difficult as beekeeping suppliers are small in number and are consequently spread fairly thinly. Inclusion here does not mean that I endorse any particular supplier, in fact I have never visited any of the companies represented on this page.

Betterbee Inc.

8 Meader Road, Greenwich, NY 12834, USA
phone: 1-800-632-3379   fax: 518-692-9802
Email: info@betterbee.com

Ecroyd Beekeeping Supplies Ltd.

Distributors, Exporters & Importers of Beekeeping Equipment
Distributors of Bee Healthy & Beeway Honey & Bee Products

6a Sheffield Crescent, Burnside, P.O. Box 5056
Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand

phone: (03) 358 7498   fax: (03) 358 8789

Email: stuart@beehealthy.co.nz

Fischer's Bee Quick Trademark

Fischer's Bee Quick and other Fischer bee products are only available via beekeeping appliance dealers... A list of stockists is available at the other end of the link.

Swienty A/S   Hørtoftvej 16   6400 Sønderborg   DANMARK
phone: +45 74 48 69 69   fax: +45 74 48 80 01
Email: shop@swienty.com
Business hours   Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Swienty are also mentioned on the page that deals with UK suppliers, but they deal all over the world as well.


There are many other suppliers, but this page is generally limited to those that have a web presence. If you would like to be included send your
URL and other details by Email to dave@dave-cushman.net