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1946-2011 Dave Cushman... Photo, Peter Hawkins
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Dave Cushman's website is a huge resource for a number of subjects. Dave built it entirely on his own and although he made several attempts to make it easier to access, his failing health simply wouldn't let him. The beekeeping element is the only part Dave wanted me to develop, so I have taken the decision to separate all non-beekeeping elements and archive them. This should allow all visitors to quickly access the information they need.

Dave Cushman was a big influence on a lot of people and I think it's right that a part of this website is dedicated to him. The buttons on the left are those that are relevant to him and his business.

Dave deliberately held no copyright and granted free use of any material or software (apart from family photographs all of which are copyright. Some are the copyright of his sister Anji Cushman and some others are the copyright of his father, Albert Cushman. Please respect this).

The policy of this website has always be openness and will continue to be so. If you wish to use material you are welcome to do so, but please give a credit as follows "Credit: Dave Cushman's website".

Roger Patterson.

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