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Embedding Board for bee hive frame wiring

As redesigned by myself whilst at APEX Enterprises.

Embedding Board

The size and thickness of the panel bearers is not important providing that construction is firm and stable and the panels overhang the bearers on both sides so that the wired frame has all its wire in contact with the wax.

Table of dimensions... These are in millimetres (mm) and enable the embedding board to be made for use with various frame types.

Frame Description" B "" G "" S "" T "" W "
British standard (Deep & Shallow)551911418337
B.S. Commercial (Deep & Shallow)831912618387
US Langstroth (Brood & Shallow)581912018428
US Langstroth (Deep & Medium)291915018428
Langstroth Jumbo & MD (Brood & Dadant depth)981914218428
NZ Langstroth (Deep & Medium)311915018429
This table will have other frame types added when time allows.

Panel "A" is of a suitable size... Such that a shallow frame will fit around it with no more than a slight clearance for easy removal.

Panel "B" and the gap "G" allow brood frames to encompass the two panels, if a wire falls at the point where the gap is... the foundation requires backing up using a strip of wood 18 mm x 18 mm x "W" Dimension which can be put in the gap when dealing with deep frames.

The embedding board is called a wiring board by some, but this term should be really be reserved for the device used to pre-wire sheets of foundation.

By having the panels larger than the base, then Hoffman type frame sides are accommodated easily as the wings sink past the bearer surfaces.

There is an illustration of an embedding board in use on the Frame Wiring page.

By cunning choice of the material for the bearers, it is possible to make a device that suits the frames of more than one hive type.

Dave Cushman.

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