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Drawings of Hives and Hive Parts,
as well as other beekeeping items

The drawings are intended to give the maximum information and may not conform fully to 'normal' draughting standards.

The early ones that have been prepared by myself were mostly in black and white and are 3rd angle (American) projection, many of these have been had colour added to improve the visual appeal. More recent ones, and revised old ones, are 3rd angle or a quasi isometric projection, but may not adhere, in other respects, to standard drawing practices.

Many of the drawings prepared recently have a "pictorial" element that enhances information transfer to those that are not used to orthographic projections, but may not appeal to the purist. The drawings are kept deliberately simple and may not look very slick, but I hope what they lack in neatness they gain in information content.

Many items for this set of pages are still being drawn or are being redrawn, I apologise for the lack of completeness, but I can only work at a relatively slow pace.