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1946-2011 Dave Cushman... Photo, Peter Hawkins
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There were a couple of notices here that I have moved to the Website Statement page. One gave information to visitors on what is happening to this website since Dave Cushman's death, the other is the response to text being copied from this website to another one.

Roger Patterson

Welcome to Dave Cushman's Website

This "new" facility replaced the "old" one several years ago. The original website is no longer available.


Dave Cushman



This website is never stagnant, new pages are added regularly, old pages are continuously updated. Dave Cushman was unable to complete much of what he started. If I am able to do so I will, otherwise I may remove some links to avoid annoyance. Please see About this website for further information.

Beekeeping & Bee Breeding

This website is dedicated to the study of bees and the education of both beekeepers and the general public, but Dave had other interests as well and these are reflected in the links at left. To help those who are looking for specific things the buttons on the left have been separated into categories.

With a website of this complexity there will inevitably be broken links and some images may be missing, even though regular checks are made. Please report such faults by using this Email facility. Thank you.

Dave Cushman was a disabled gentleman with limited physical ability.

He lived near Leicester in the U.K. Midlands at:-
SYSTON, Leicestershire.

This beekeeping website is worked on and updated regularly and is intended as a resource for beekeepers and the non-beekeeping public. The information has been acquired from a huge number of sources and can be utilised by school children for homework projects as well as researchers and scientists.

This website always contains much 'work in progress' and some parts of it are untidy as a result. I apologise for such untidiness and hope that any partial information is of use. In some cases information has been gleaned from other websites. If any of the material is copyrighted please let me know by Email and I will either remove it or seek permission to retain and if appropriate to give credit for it.

Please surf freely, there are thousands of pages of information here, and many links to other useful sites.
Dave deliberately held no copyright and granted free use of any material or software (apart from family photographs all of which are copyright, some of which are the copyright of his sister Anji Cushman and some others are the copyright of his father, Albert Cushman. Please respect this).

The policy of this website has always be openness and will continue to be so. If you wish to use material you are welcome to do so, but please give a credit as follows "Credit: Dave Cushman's website".

I hope you will leave this website having gained a little more knowledge of beekeeping, bees and their products.

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